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Rating: PG13

Disclaimers- Paramount owns the rights to all these characters, I'm jut playing. This story may not be used or posted elsewhere without the writers written permission.

Summary:When Captain Janeway is injured in an attack, Chakotay realizes just how much she means to him. But the Captain doesn't like it when suddenly her first officer is playing 'mother'.

Be kind! This is my first adventure into the FanFict. world. I've learned a lot and I'm sure that my future stories will be better. This has been a very interesting experience and I now have a new found respect for FanFict. writers everywhere. Very Special thanks to Christina Wilson for the idea based on her piece, Rise-Marcato. Oh, and by the way, I'm a writer not a doctor, so all the medical terms in this story are nothing more than techno babble.

Captain Kathryn Janeway strolled on to the bridge at 0754 hours. Alpha shift was about to begin and most of the senior staff were already at their stations. "Status report," the Captain said as she sat down in her chair.

"Two Etainian ships approaching. They are on an intercept course," Tuvok said quietly.

"Tom, set a heading four-zero-nine-six. Let's avoid anymore entanglements with them," Chakotay said.

"Captain," Tuvok stated. "The two ships have changed course--they are again on an intercept course."

"Arm phasers," Janeway ordered. "Mr. Paris set a new heading of three-five-two warp 8. Maybe they'll realize we're not in the mood today."

"They have adjusted their course, Captain," Tuvok responded.

Janeway shook her head. "Harry, monitor their activity and adjust our shields and weapons accordingly. Mr. Tuvok, open a hailing channel." She waited for Tuvok to acknowledge the channel was open, then stood. "This is Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager, please respond. "

No response. "Captain, the Etainians have armed their weapons. And have increased their speed to warp 8.6. They will be within firing range in minutes." Tuvok looked at the screen at the two approaching ships.

Janeway looked at her first officer and smiled slightly. "Well, so much for not getting in a fight. Increase power to the shields. Slow to half impulse." The Etainians were technologically advanced, their weapons and shields were highly sophisticated and comparable Voyager's. Without the information provided by Neelix, Voyager would have been in serious trouble in the last battle. Janeway hoped they hadn't reworked their systems too completely...

The two Etainian ships split-up and the first one started its attack run. "Evasive maneuvers, Mr. Paris, alpha two." Chakotay said as the second ship started it's run. There was flash and the ship shook.

"Return fire. Mr. Tuvok, target their weapons systems."

They watched the screen as Voyager's phaser hit the first ship.

"Moderate damage to the first ship's weapons," Harry called out. "The second ship has changed it shield configuration to match our phasers. Adjusting phasers. Our shields are holding." There was a second flash and again the ship shook as the 2nd ship attacked.

"Fire at will," Janeway ordered as she released her grip on the chair. Tuvok returned fire, the second Etainian ship appeared to stall for a moment but then continued on."

"Captain, the second ship suffered only minor damage to their weapons systems and propulsion.

More of the same went on for several minutes. The enemy ships would make an attack run and Voyager would be lucky to do minimal damage to their shields. It was becoming painfully obvious that Voyager was out manned and out gunned. Tom Paris at the helm was doing his best to avoid the brunt of the assault but they just kept coming.

"They're still coming after us!" Ensign Kim called out.

The bridge shook violently sending everyone thrown from their stations. "Damage report!" Captain Janeway barked while scrambling back to her feet.

"Shields down to 52% Warp engines are off-line as is the forward phaser array." Mr. Tuvok reported in his ever calm and efficient matter.

"Return fire, with....whatever we've got left."

"Firing aft phaser array, minimal damage to the first ship." Tuvok reported. "They are returning fire."

"Mr. Paris, can you get us out of here?"

"I can try." The ship shuddered once more from the impact of the Etainian weapons. This time multiple panels exploded

"Shields are failing!" Ensign Kim reported trying to raise his voice over the sounds of the bridge exploding around him.

"Engineering, status report on the warp engines?"

"Torres here Captain, It's going to be a while. The warp core has to be totally realigned. Two hours at least."

"We haven't got two hours! Keep me posted! Janeway out. Tom, now's the time to impress me."

"Initiating evasive maneuvers. Changing course bearing 461 mark 0. One-quartrer impulse power, aft thrusters firing."

"Mr. Tuvok," Captain Janeway walks over to the tactical console as Chakotay follows her. "What is the status of our weapons?"

"The last volley took out all phaser arrays. Photon torpedo tubes are damaged and cannot be fired."

"Are you saying we're defenseless?" Janeway barked, her voice coming out harsher than she had intended it.

"Yes Captain." The Vulcan ever so calmly replied.

"Okay," she leaned over the the tactical station for a moment as she thought to herself. "What if we Re modulated the phaser arrays and sent the phaser pulse through the secondary EPS conduits and through main deflector dish. We should be able to disburse a high intensity phaser blast for several second , sure to disable their ships."

Tuvok thought f or a moment and nodded in agreement "Theoretically, that is a plausible option. However, because of our current situation, and the loss of our shields, we would overload the secondary EPS systems and cause great damage to the deflector andsurrounding sections."

"Fine, fine I understand we would only get one shot, but can we do it?' she asked.

"With some minor modifications to deflector control I believe so."

"They're on us, and coming around for another attack." Kim reported from his station.

"Tom, I need two minutes, keep them at bay until then then on my signal I want you to draw us in closer." Janeway ordered.

"Closer?" The pilot questioned "Okay, will do."he returned his attention to his station, hands flying over the controls.

"Janeway to engineering. B'Elanna, evacuate deflector control an the surrounding areas. Prepare emergency containment fields."

"Aye Captain." The engineers voice come over the comm.

"Commander you have the bridge I'll be in deflector control." Janeway ordered already on her way to the turbolift."

"Captain, I do not believe that it is wise of you to-" her Tactical officer began.

"Two minutes Tom!" Janeway cut him off and shouted to her pilot.

"Two minutes, yes Mamm." Tom called back.

"Captain, Tuvok's right, let me-" Chakotay cut in following her to the turbolift.

Janeway steeped inside and looked at him. "I'll take care of it" Janeway said giving him a sly smile. "You keep my ship in one piece until I get back." and with that the turbolift doors closed and she was gone.

Tuvok and Chackotay exchanged uneasy glances.


Janeway made her way through the abandoned corridors and halls on her way to deflector control. This entire section had to be evacuated because of the possibility of a buildup in the deflector array damaging not only the deflector but the surrounding sections as well. Her plan was risky but no more so than sitting around waiting for an Ethanian battle cruiser to make it's final kill. That's why she had to do this alone, she couldn't order another member of her crew to put their lives on the line for this. As Captain it was her responsibility.

She keyed in her access code and entered the main control room for the deflector dish. She immediately headed towards the control station knowing that time was short. Paris had only guaranteed her two minutes and her time was almost up. As her hands flew across the controls in a race against time she was able to quickly reroute the phaser discharge from the damaged arrays through the secondary EPS conduits and channeled them into the main deflector dish. She keyed in the sequence to bring the deflector up to full power. Knowing this would take a few seconds she opened a direct comm. link to the bridge so she could maintain control of the situation. "Mr. Tuvok, I've rerouted the phasers from the forward and aft arrays into the deflector dish. I'm now transferring control of the targeting sensors from tactical to this station." she informed her security chief over the link.

"Acknowledged Captain, my screen shows you have control." he replied

"Mr. Kin." Janeway called out never moving her eyes from her work "I need you to call out to me the status of those ships every few seconds."

"Aye Captain." the ensign responded.

"Tom, take us in." Janeway ordered. She knew that she would only have one shot and the closer Voyager could get to their attackers the better chance they had. She keyed in the deflector to target the propulsion centers of both ships. If she could disable them long enough Voyager would have all the time they needed to make a clean getaway and get the warp drive back online.

"Captain, the lead ship is bringing her weapons to bare, they're preparing to fire." Kim reported from his station at Ops.

"Understood." Janeway shouted. "All hands, brace for impact!" Janeway imputed the final commands as she heard the hum of the power modules indicating the deflector was ready to go. 'Stay together for me Voyager' she quietly whispered as she pressed the discharge. Two brilliant phaser discharges were emitted from the disruptor and were right on target. The discharge lasted for several seconds as the last of the power was drained. Then things went to Hell. Suddenly the whole tactical station exploded around Janeway sending debris flying everywhere. Janeway is literally lifted into the air propelled backwards by the enormous force of the explosion. For a moment she seemed to be flying, a thousand thoughts crossed her mind. Had artificial gravity been compromised? Was there a hull breach and she was now drifting out into space? In that fraction of a second she caught a glimpse of the room around her. The plasma conduits were blown and much of the room has caught fire. 'Oh My' she thought just before she was slammed head first into the bulkhead behind her and crumbled to the floor. And everything was dark."




"We got 'em! Both vessels have been disabled and are not following!" Harry Kim excitedly yells from his Operations station on the bridge.

"Confirmed," Tuvok stated much calmer than the young ensign. "The Captain's plan appears to have worked."

"Ya see," Paris smirked turning his attention to the center of the bridge. "Nothing to worry about."

Chackotay smiled as he looked at the bridge crew and patted Paris on the shoulder. "Bridge to Captain Janeway, congratulations you did it! The Ethanian ships have been disabled." The chatter on the bridge ended when Chackotay's call was met with silence. Then all of the smiles were immediately gone. "Captain Janeway," Chackotay repeated his voice stressed and urgent this time. "Captain please respond." Moments passed and still nothing. Chackotay frantically looked up to Tuvok at tactical.

Without every saying a word Tuvok was able to read the expression on Chackotay's face. Tuvok returned Chackotay's glance "The EPS conduits in the deflector room have overloaded and discharged. I'm reading a fire and severe structural damage.

Chackotay was immediately in action. "Bridge to the transporter room, medical emergency beam Captain Janeway directly to sickbay."

"Torres here sir, transporters are off line, I'm on my way to the deflector control room."

"Understood, we'll meet you there. Bridge to sickbay we have a Medical emergency I need the Doctor in the main deflector control room now!" Chakotay barks into his com badge he and Tuvok have already made their way into the turbolift.

Seconds seemed like hours as Chackotay tore like a madman through the halls knocking over anyone who stood in his way. Tuvok right on his heals, not far behind.

When he got to the door to the deflector control room he found Torres already there punching in commands at the keypad. "The door's jammed." she explained as she worked to get it open, we're going to have to pry it open. The three worked and were able to pry one of the doors apart enough to allow them passage. As they opened the door they were immediately greeted by a room filled with smoke that pored through the opening they had made. Torres squinted as she made her way through. "Where is she?" she yelled as she tried to feel her way around the room to find an emergency fire suppression kit.

"Here, hurry!" Chakotay called as he began to clear the rubble off of the Captain's body.

Tuvok is soon at his Captain's side. "I'm not getting a pulse." Tuvok reports to calmly, his Vulcan logic not allowing him to so any emotion.

"Get me the emergency medical kit!" Chakotay barks.

Torres who has had no luck with the fire suppression system rushes over to the scene and hands Chakotay the kit coughing and gasping for breath. Chakotay, anxiously fumbles around with it for a moment until Tuvok grabs it from him. He injects the Captain with a hypo spray and continues to scan.

Chakotay simply kneels there, dazed and numb. Unable to move, or speak. Simply watching Tuvok as he attempts to save the Captain. Only thinking of how he's going to loose her. "God damn it Kathryn, why do you have to be so suborn?" Chakotay says more to himself than to his Captain's body lying motionless on the deck.

But Janeway's soot covered face and limp body didn't respond.

The Doctor and Kes arrive on the scene as Torres motions them to her position. Both doctor and Kes opened up their medical tricorder and began to scan the Captain. "I need to get her sickbay, now." The doctor shouted, with his eyes never moving from his patient.

"Transporters are off line, we'll have to cary her. "Torres said.

"No, without knowing the extent of the damage moving her could kill her. But we've got to get her and the rest of you out of this room before you all suffocate." the Doctor reported

"Torres." Chakotay turned to his chief engineer.

"I'm on it." She said as she ran out the door.

"We've got to do something now." Kes called out.

"Prepare 12cc's of Linsven, cortical stimulator, 40% charge.

"Ready." Kes called out after attaching the cortical stimulator to the Captain's forehead.

"Now." The Doc. ordered. The Captain's body shuddered and jolted under electronic current flowing through her body.

"No response." Kes called out.

"Cortical Stimulator, 60% charge."



Again, the Captain's body jolted violently. Chakotay just kneeled there by her side. With every jolt he felt as if someone was ripping his heart out of his chest. So helpless. He could do nothing as he watched her lay there, dying. He couldn't loose her, not now.

"I'm getting a weak pulse, still no respiration." Kes called.

"Good, quickly, the Linsven." The doctor called as he ejected the drug into her system.

"Doctor, her pulse if fading, I'm loosing her again. We need to get her to sick bay."

"Damn it Torres, where are my Transporters!" Chakotay barked.

"The whole system's fried, I'm working as fast as I can!"

"Kes, prepare 40cc's of Provaline." the Doc ordered

"Doctor, 40cc's? That's over double the recommended safe tolerances." Tuvok reminded the Doctor. "That dosage could completely overload the Captains system."

"I am well aware of that, I've got to try to shock her system into functioning again." Kes hands the doctor the Provaline. He reached down to inject the drug.

Chakotay grabbed the doctor's hand before he could proceed. It was the first real movement he had made. "Are you sure?" he demanded.

"Commander, we don't have much of a choice, she is going to die right here, right now if we do nothing. The Captain is a strong woman, I am confidant that she will survive. This is our last option. Now let me do my job."

Chakotay released his grip. "Fine, I just hope you know what you're doing."

"So do I." The doctor added and preceded to inject the drug into the Captain's system.

Janeway seizure once, however this time it wasn't an electrical surge that jolted through her body. Yet even more forceful. Rather her body's reaction to the enormous amount of drug that had just been injected into her system. She let out an odd moan, obviously from the shock. Her blood shot eyes opened widely for an instant and she starred deep into Chackotay's eyes. For that instant, there was a connection between the two. And then, her head fell back to the floor, and her eyes slowly closed. The room was deathly quiet, and then for the first time in minutes, Captain Kathryn Janeway, took in her first tortured breath of air.



Kathryn Janeway still lay unconscious on the floor. She was alive, amazingly. However she wasn't out of the woods yet.

"I've got a transporter for you Chackotay." Torres reported from her engineering console.

"Beam the Captain, Kes, and myself directly to sickbay." the Doctor ordered and within an instant they were gone.

Chackotay and Tuvok made their way out of the smoke filled room just as the damage control team with fire gear came running by them. "Mr. Tuvok, you have the bridge. Proceed with repairs as needed. I'll be in sickbay."

"Aye sir."

The walk to sickbay seamed longer than usual. Chakotay couldn't help but think of Kathryn. For the second time in as many months he felt completely helpless. The first had been when the shuttle crash landed on that planet and he had to perform CPR, desperately trying to keep her alive until the rescue party arrived. And now, seeing her lying there on the deck. Now, the jaws of death had nearly snapped her away from him once more. This whole ordeal wasn't over yet. It wasn't even close. Chakotay walked in to sickbay when he saw the Doctor and Kes working around the Captain's motionless body. There were also several other crew members in sickbay, from the looks of it they were only injured with minor bangs and bruises.

Kes looked up and saw the commander walk in. "Commander, are you hurt?" she inquired as she walked over to him.

"No, how is she?" and motioned over to the bio-bed that Janeway was laying on.

"I'm afraid it's not good commander. She took quit a hit. The explosion alone was enough to kill her. She also has a massive concussion. She must have banged her head pretty hard against bulkhead console when she went flying back from the blast. The concussion itself caused a lot of swelling in the brain. She also suffered sever broken ribs, and a fractured wrist but all minor problems. Her system also took quite a shock from the Provaline." Sensing the apprehension in the commander she immediately continued, "The doctor made the right decision, it may have very well saved her life. There were just some damaging side affects."

"Well, what do we do now?" Chakotay questioned

"I'll let the doctor explain." Kes replied as she saw the doctor begin to walk over. Kes then left to tend to the other patients."

"Commander." The doctor politely acknowledged.

"Doctor, Kes informed me of the Captain's situation. Just how do you plan to treat her?"

"I want to put the Captain in a medically educed coma." he responded

"You what?!"

"Commander, I know how this may sound. However, her brain took a major hit in the accident. The brain is like any other organ needs to heal, and it can't do that while she's conscious, or near consciousness."

"Are you sure, what if something goes wrong."

"Commander, I'm not going to lie to you, it a very dangerous procedure. However, I don't believe that we have any other option. Things may turn out to be fine."

"And they may not." Chackotay interrupted him , not missing a beat.

"As I said it is a very dangerous procedure. She may not wake up from the coma, if she does she may have some permanent brain damage. Her brain activity may fall so low that she stops breathing and her heart stops beating. Or the swelling in her brain will be reduced, she'll wake up and make a full recovery. I will monitor her very closely and as soon as the swelling has come down enough I will bring her out of it. We don't have any other option. In fact, it appears that regardless of what we do the Captain is slowly slipping away into a coma on her own. I for one would prefer to have some control of the situation."

'Damn it Kathryn, look what you've done to yourself' he thought. "When are you going to put her under?"

"I need to do it now." he responded.

"Can I talk to her first?"

" I don't even know if she'll be able to hear you, she won't be able to respond."

"I understand." Chakotay walked over to the bio-bed where she was lying and grasped her hand firmly. The doctor and Kes left the area to give them some privacy. She didn't look so good, she had a gash across her forehead where some debris struck her. Her face was pail, except for the patches of smoke and soot. It wasn't all that surprising considering what she had been through. "You listen to me Kathryn, you're going to be all right. Do you hear me? You've just got to hang on a little longer." He softly spoke to her trying to hold back his tears. She may not be able to hear him, but hopefully, she would know that he was there. He struggled to keep his voice clear of any emotion. "The doctor is going to put you medically educed coma to help the swelling in your brain go down. Don't fight it, just let yourself rest for a while. You are going to wake up, you just need some time to heal. Just relax, and let your body have the time it needs for you to get well. There's nothing you need to worry about, I'll take care of everything." He looked over to where the doctor was treating another patient.

The doctor prepared walked over to where the Captain was lying and prepared the hypo. He looked at Chakotay for approval, when Chakotay nodded the doctor proceed to inject the drug into her bloodstream.

Chakotay watched the monitor and saw her vital signs fall and finally stabilize out as she fell deeper and deeper into her sleep. He looked up at the doctor. "How long do you think she'll have to stay like this?"

"Three days, maybe more. I'll check the swelling every few hours and we can adjust the time as needed."

Chakotay nodded void of all emotion, simply numb. "Keep me posted, I'll be on the bridge." He took one last look at Kathryn, turned and exited. He knew that these were going to be the longest three days in his entire life.



Commander Chakotay sat at the Captain's desk in her ready room. Reviewing the repairs reports may not have been the most exciting thing to do, but at least it was something. Hell, at 1:30 in the morning, it was practically the only thing there was to do. Anything, to keep his mind off of what was happening in sickbay. He considered going down there to see her, but he didn't think it would do any good. The last thing he wanted to do right now was see her lying there in her coma. So, he simply sat at Kathryn's desk reviewing the engineering reports. By the last estimate, they should have warp power sometime within the next two days. That was good, he wanted Voyager to be under her way by the time Kathryn woke up. One less thing she had to worry about. At that time the door chimed.

"Come in." Chakotay called out.

B'Elanna Torres came strolling though the door. "Chakotay, I didn't expect you to be up this late."

"I've got a lot of work to do." He grumbled

"Okay, I just wanted to leave you a repair update."

"Thanks," he said, sounding depressed, and tired. "You can just set it on the desk. I'll take a look at it later."

She set the PADD down on the Captain's desk. "Chakotay, it's 1:30 in the morning, are you okay?" She asked. Obviously concerned for him.

"What?" He looked up, oblivious to the world.

"I said, how are you holding up?"

"I'm fine, thanks. I've just got a lot of work to do."

B'Elanna nodded. "You've said that already."

"Oh, well what are you doing still up?"

"Actually, I was just going to bed. I thought I drop these by so you could have them first thing in the morning. I was a little surprised when the computer said you were here."

"Well, since you're hear you might as well give me an overview of how things are coming along."

"Well, the repairs are coming along nicely. We should have warp drive late tomorrow. The deflector dish will take some more time I'm estimating that Voyager will be underway within the next three days."

"That's good."

"Look Chakotay, there's not much more you can do tonight, why don't we go get a quick bite to eat and you can get some sleep."

"No thanks, I'm not hungry, and I'm fine." he replied, his eyes never moving from the computer terminal.

"Chakotay, look at me." Torres forcefully demanded.

Chakotay finally looked up from his terminal.

"That's better. You look like the picture of hell. Don't tell me you're fine. I know you better than that."

"It's just been one of those days."

"Yeah, it has been a hell of a day. But you're not doing anyone any good by sitting around here. Go back to you're quarters, eat a hot meal and get some sleep. I know you're worried about the Captain, we all are, but there's nothing you can do for her now."

"You're right, there's nothing I can do for her now, but there was. I never should have let her do it."

"Chakotay, I wasn't here. But from what Tom and Harry tell me, the Captain had a plan to disable the ships. As you well know, when you're in command you can't ask someone to do something that you're not willing to do yourself. It was her idea, and she wanted to follow through with it. She new the risks, and she did it anyway. You would have done the same thing if you were in her position. "

"That doesn't help anything. I'm her first officer, it is my duty to keep her safe!" Chakotay shouted as he slammed his fist down on the table and rose from his chair.

Torres walked right in front of Chakotay and looked him dead in the eye. "Chakotay, you can't protect her all the time! This isn't your fault. The Captain, did what she had to do. She saved the ship for god's sake! She's the Captain, it's her duty it's all of our duties. She saved the ship but she got hurt. She knew the risks involved and she went through with it anyway for the good of the ship. That's what Captain's do. This is not your fault! Now damn-it stop blabbing yourself! You're not helping anyone, and you can't do anything about it now, so stop simmering over it. That's what you've been doing for the past thirteen hours."

There was an awkward period of silence between the two of them. Chakotay was the first one to break it with a yawn. "I give up."

"Good, now come on, we're going to get something to eat, and then I'm going to walk you back to your quarters and you're going to get some rest."

A half of an hour latter Chakotay and Torres were standing outside of his quarters. Dinner, or rather, a very early breakfast was awkward. Chakotay had sat there quietly sipping at his chicken soup. Any attempts by B'Elanna to start a friendly conversation was met with only quick, single word answers.

"Well, there you go." Torres said as she escorted Chakotay to his door. "Now go to bed. You've had a rough day. I'll see you in the morning, good night." She said while letting out a yawn. Torres turned and headed down the hall when Chakotay called after her.


She stopped and turned to face him.

"Good night, and thank you." He replied

Torres smiled. "Anytime." and continued down the hallway.

Chakotay tossed and turned all night. He couldn't get the image of the tactical console exploding sending Kathryn sprawling backwards out of his mind. As he kneeled there on the floor, not being able to help her. Just watching the whole time as Tuvok, and then Kes and the Doc. tried to save her. Finally, around 2:30 he got up and got dressed. 'I need to get out of here and stop obsessing' he thought to himself. So he went to one of the most comforting places he could think to go to.

The hydroponics gardens. Where they had met many a sleepless night. he walked around for a short time and then finally sat down and starred off. He half expected her to walk in, but that never happened. He needed her now. He needed to see her, to know that she was going to be all right. He needed to be comforted by her. Abruptly, and without a word, he left.

He simply walked around unconsciously, just roaming the ship. Nowhere in particular, just walking. When unconsciously, he turned off and walked right in to sick-bay. 'Wait a minute,'he thought. 'What am I doing here?' And then he turned around and saw her lying there. She looked, peaceful, calm, just in a normal sleep. She was lying there covered up with the blankets and still looked peaceful. All her cuts and bruises had been healed, no smoke or soot smeared her face. Even the minor plasma burns from her hands were gone. But still, this was different, he knew that this wasn't a restful sleep, she was fighting for her life in there. He looked around to see if anyone else had noticed his entrance, but surprisingly, no one was there. There wasn't even any sign of the doctor. 'He must have shut his program off for the night.' Chakotay thought. At first this thought worried him, 'was Kathryn alone? What if something happened?' His mind began to wonder. 'No,' his better judgment kicked in. 'The Doc's probably got the computer monitoring her and will reactivate him if there's a need.' That was probably true. 'Well, I can't just leave her here alone.' he began to think. So he got a chair from the Doc's office, pulled it up to Kathryn's bed and watched her.

He sat there for a while just holding her hand. It was as cold as ice. He glanced over at the monitor and noticed that her body temp. was low. It must be because of the state she was in. So he sat back and watched her. The rhythmic pattern of her chest rising and falling as she breathed. It was soothing, comforting somehow. 'Like sleeping beauty.' he thought. Perhaps a kiss from the prince is all that's needed to wake them both up from this nightmare. He watched Kathryn's low vital signs on the monitor fluctuate slightly. However, it was ever so slightly, probably nothing to worry about, they were bound to fluctuate some and if they got serious the Doc. would show up. Yet somehow, this was all comforting. Sitting there, like a guardian angel, watching over her as she slept.

Slowly, Chakotay felt himself begin to drift off to sleep.

Part II