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Rise and Fall

(PG-13)When Captain Janeway is injured in an attack, Chakotay realizes just how much she means to him. But the Captain doesn't like it when suddenly her first officer is playing 'mother'. 

Captains Prerogative

(PG-13)In Progress-Voyager is captured by a group of Lethains, a hostile new alien rase. To save her ship and crew Captain Janeway surrenders herself to them. Will Chakotay violate his Captain's last orders and try to put Voyager back together and save her before it's too late

Author's Notes (To Be Added Later This Week)

NOTE: (May 2, 2002) Captains Prerogative has been temporarily removed from this site as well as from after I received a series of extremely rude e-mails today reguarding the story. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for my supporters, please check back for the story sometime early this weekend and do read my notes above when the link becomes available. Thank you.